New England Music Lover’s Corner

Are you a huge music lover and craving to hear new stuff? Well then this page is for you…. discover some of the finest Songwriters, Performers and Live Music Venues in Massachusetts and beyond! Here are Flair’s personal recommendations, in no particular order:

Performing Singer/Songwriters and Cover Artists:

Elizabeth Lorrey
Jeff Root
The Rafters
Marc Feldman
Don White
Adam Bergeron
Cooper & Kenneally
Jon McAuliffe
John Schindler
Nancy Beaudette
Karen & Tag Vennard
Dan Margarita
Ed Thomas
The Spy Tones
Aisling Keating
Ashbrook Haynes
Bob Wright & Back To The Garden
Jane Fallon
Ken Macy
Mark Fisher
Dave Gaudet
The Bella Birds
Ellen Schmidt & Two For The Show
Jon Waterman
Steve Rapson
John Ferrulo
Nate Smith
Marty Nestor
Rob Carlson
Betsi Mandrioli
Oen Kennedy
Skip Jackson
Johnny Girouard
Gail Finnie
Janet Beatrice
Perry Desmond-Davies
Lori Diamond
Woody Carpinella
Fran LaMalva
Fran LaMalva’s beautiful guitars
Randall Kromm
G.S. Picard
Jon Swenson
Licia Sky
George Deliyiannis
Bob Pope
Peter Fischman & Deb O’Hanlon
Andrew Parker-Renga
Lauren Passarelli
Scott Matsumoto
Patty Axford
Trusting Fate
Trude Witham
Mark Hastings
Agona Hardison
Tom Smith
Faith & Dan Senie
Seth Connelly
Rich Eilbert
Kim Jennings
Ashley Jordan
Kenny Selcer
Patty Keough
Cunniff & Mageau
Dawn Kenney
Carolyn Waters
Laura Gold
Mark Stepakoff

Live Music Venues:

The Bull Run Restaurant, Shirley MA
Main Street Market & Café, Concord MA