Roger Fluet

Roger Fluet (pronounced “flew-it”) has a unique guitar style very different from most, a driving acoustic sound that propels his songs and creates a rhythmic backdrop for his distinctive vocals and clever lyrics. Roger released his debut CD “Why Did The Plane Crash” in May 2013 to a standing-room only crowd at the legendary Bull Run in Shirley, MA.

Roger hails from Fitchburg MA, a New England mill town outside of Boston. As a teen he played in rock & roll bands and was writing his own songs as soon as he knew how to put two chords together. A life shift while he put his musical dreams on hold to raise three children and run a successful business. He finally returned to songwriting in earnest in 2009 and soon became a regular in the local open-mic community.

For several years he hosted the Songwriter’s Roundtable in Hudson MA, providing and sharing insights with other writers on composition, recording, marketing and inspiration. There he met Richard ‘Ricardo ‘ Passarelli and a musical collaboration was born as Ricardo became Roger’s producer. Roger played with terrific musicians including Berklee professors, bassist Danny ‘Mo’ Morris and drummer Larry Finn, legendary blues harmonica player James Montgomery, keyboardist Tim Ray, who toured for years with Lyle Lovett, and popular local surf-rockers The Spy Tones.

His music is available at:

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